The Honey Pot- Sensitive Wash


  • ALL-DAY FRESHNESS: The Honey Pot herbal feminine wash is made by women, for women, because it takes one to know one. Developed using 99% all-natural ingredients, this intimate cleanser is safe enough to use daily, making it ideal for maintaining optimal freshness. The calming, soothing, and healing herbal ingredients will help keep the pH of your most sensitive area balanced and healthy, so you can face the day with confidence!
  • SENSITIVE CARE: This wash is perfect for those that experience irritation from normal intimate cleansers. It is also helpful when introducing new products into your feminine care routine, and for those that experience regular dryness, irritation, or infections. This wash is a lighter concentration of our normal feminine care system. It will keep you clean and comfortable by washing away odor-causing bacteria, boosting natural moisture levels, calming irritation, and helping maintain optimal pH 

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