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The Whair-House 242 supplies Bahamian women with products that are safe and most suitable for
their hair types, especially 4B and 4C curls. For instance, our strong hold edge control allows edges
to be laid all day while it helps to grow the edges. Other products include hair growth oils,
shampoos, and conditioners with special hair growth and nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, black
castor oil and even rosemary.

Product Description

Hair growth Oil: this is a hair growth oil that can be used as a treatment for bald spots or to enhance
overall hair growth and hair health. It can also be used as a moisturizer. It is packed with powerful
hair oils and vitamins that nourish the scalp and aid in hair growth.
Disclaimer: This is not a medicated product that can be used to treat underlying health issues. If you
have major chronic issues with hair growth or thinning of your hair, it is best to see a physician.
Major Ingredients:
Olive Oil
Castor oil
Argan Oil
Vitamin E
Jojoba Oil
Almond Oil

Strong Hold Edge Control: This edge control lasts all day and has safe ingredients. It comprises of
Argan oil, Ocimum oil and Castor oil that help to keep edges thick, healthy, and laid all at the same
No white Residue

Disclaimer: If edge control is mixed with other hair products, it is likely to turn white. Use warm
water and edge brush to style edges the next day after use.

Black Castor Oil and Rosemary Shampoo Sets:
Black Castor oil and Rosemary are a great combination in aiding in hair growth and more!
Shampoo: Cleans, nourishes, strengthens, and grows hair.
Conditioner: Moisturizes, nourishes, strengthens, grows, and softens hair.


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Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Growth Oil, Edge Control


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