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Cor’ Natural is the 100% organic Bahamian Body & Hair Care brand available exclusive in Nassau at Hair Appeal. ????
???? “Lucky Charm” Essential Hair Growth Oil. It’s infused with 15 different organic oils; Coconut, Jojoba, Almond, Carrot, Avocado, Tea Tree, Castor, Rosemary, Emu, Fenugreek, Rice Bran just to name a few. Filled with rose blends. No wonder it’s a charm!
We spend a lot of time focused on our hair: washing it, conditioning it, cutting it, coloring it, blow-drying it, curling (or straightening) it, wearing wigs & weaves, in general obsessing over it. But all that attention on our tresses may cause us to overlook the valuable source for those strands: your scalp. And without healthy scalp skin, you won’t have robust hair growth or strands that are strong, stretchy resilient and shiny. So back up. If you want healthy hair, don’t skip scalp-care.

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